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Imagine running an errand for the house, and you are trying to get things quickly before heading back home. Everything is going smoothly until your car door locks you out. It takes great strength for you to react or scream at the top of your lungs. So, you stand there with groceries in one hand, wondering what to do next.  At Swift Locksmith, we understand that it could be coming back home from the office or any other important outing if it is not grocery shopping. Therefore, no matter what you have to do, we can get you back into your car in no time. Are you worried about how you can get in without damaging the door lock? Don’t worry about that; we have experts who can solve these issues, so subtly, you will not know there was any door lock in the first place.

Sometimes, you could misplace your key when you have a lot to do. It is only normal to have forgotten where you dropped the car key. We at Swift locksmith can help you replace the key you misplaced. We will replicate the key signature of the car as we have a wide range of cars that we have worked with and are currently working with. Thereof, you are covered with us.

If you own a car that uses a smart key, then we can also offer you our automotive locksmith services. We can replicate the smart key if you get misplaced. It is not difficult for us as we have technicians that specialize in this area. There are many aspects of your car that could have lock and key issues—asides from the ones that we have examined above.

Imagine if you are trying to get the groceries out of the trunk and get jammed. Surely, people would have had bad run-ins with a jammed trunk. Sometimes it could be the result of a worn-out key or the lock. Regardless of the issues that caused the jammed trunk, Swift Locksmith will help you unlock the trunk. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about any damage. Whether it is an ignition lock or a broken key in the ignition, we will never leave damage, no matter how complicated the issue is.

A broken key in the ignition can be difficult to solve, especially if pieces of the broken key are stuck in the ignition. We have equipment and tools that are intricate enough to clear any metal residue left in the ignition. We also make another key for you quickly as you do not waste any more time than you already have.

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